LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector
LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector
LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector
LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector
LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector
LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector
LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector

LiftGuard Steel Coil Protector

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Product or Sizing Questions?

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  • DICA LiftGuard Magnetic Coil Unit Sling Protectors protect steel coils from sling damage, and slings from being damaged by the steel coil
  • Top Coil units fit the curvature of the on the top of the steel coil, eliminating sling to steel contact.
  • Center Coil units fit snuggly inside the bore of the coil and eliminate sling to steel contact.
  • These units can be used with synthetic slings, wire rope and chain slings.
  • Custom coil protectors can be created to fit different coil bore diameters, or to accommodate larger sling widths. Please contact us at 800-610-3422 for more information.
  • Velcro straps help ensure DICA Sling Protectors stay attached to your rigging and make carrying and placement easier for crews.
  • All sling types can be damaged when lifting a load if they are not properly protected. Cut and damaged slings are the leading cause of most rigging related accidents. LiftGuard Sling Protectors help reduce your liability by eliminating the use of makeshift load or sling protection.


  • Capacity:
    • Synthetic Slings: The working load limit is 12,500 LBS. per inch of synthetic sling width contact. 
    • Wire Rope and Chain Slings: The working load limit (WLL) is 12,500 psi. 
  • Magnetic: No tools are needed for installation or removal since the magnets allow for quick and easy attachment and removal.  The magnets in all LiftGuard products are slightly recessed.  This slight recess ensures a magnetic connection without direct contact that could scratch painted surfaces.
  • Stated capacities are based on full contact of the sling protectors horizontal and vertical surfaces and the load.
  • Except for Groove units, when full contact exists, calculate the lift capacity by multiplying the sling contact width x 12,500 LBS.
  • If full contact is not possible, contact your rigging supplier or DICA to calculate the capacity for specific lifts.
  • Wire Rope Slings – D/d ratios. Always consult your wire rope D/d guidelines. DICA LiftGuard Sling Protector “D” = 5.


  • Never overload the sling protectors.
  • Always calculate the protector capacity based on the type of protector, the type of sling, and the contact area of the sling on the protector.
  • Slings should never be in contact with the rounded surface shoulder of the sling protectors. Slings must only be in contact with the flat surface of the sling protectors.
  • Ensure edge protectors are clean and smooth before use.
  • DO NOT use LiftGuard edge protectors that are bowed or discolored. These are signs of overloading.

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